What Are The Best Bingo TV Shows?

Bingo is a great way to spend some free time with fun and excitement of possible winnings. This game is very popular around the world but it gained the biggest popularity in the United Kingdom and United States. The rapid development of various internet technologies and the overall spread of affordable instant access to the Internet have made online bingo sites very popular, as well. However it’s important to mention that TV shows have always had great influence on people’s minds, aims and wishes. Thus bingo TV shows, especially good ones, are still running on TV in the UK and in the US. Here are the shows:

Bingo America

Bingo America is one of the most popular bingo shows on TV made for American citizens and hosted by Patrick Duffy. This TV show is divided in two parts. Two players, usually male and female, contest for $100,000 in every episode while people at home are able to print game cards from GSN website and play bingo using sweepstake format along with TV game for the main prize. The main idea of the show is that players draw numbers and answer the questions. Every incorrect answer of any player automatically awards the other side with extra money. There are bonus rounds in case of a tie with a jackpot of up to $100,000 which make this TV show so exciting and captivating as well as pretty tense sometimes. New thrills definitely attract new viewers and make bingo even more popular among beginners and experience gamblers.

Bingo Night Live

The British TV show on ITV 1 is called Bingo Night Live. This is the show, where people play against each other from home using printed cards. This is free bingo. The show runs no longer than an hour and contains free bingo games as well as bingo games where anyone can play with their real money. Golden Jackpot can be up to £25 000, so it’s worth participating. In order to start playing, people should register at the official Bingo Night Live website to get free cards. The hosts are Melinda Messenger and Michael Underwood and they make the show really entertaining by flirting and making funny jokes.

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